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Bridging the Digital Divide addresses the need to provide computer and technology skills to the under-served as well as offering assistance in improving the quality of life of the elderly by helping them connect to a wealth of online services.

K’s Korner

The Computer Learning Center’s purpose is to use proven computer-based technology to address the educational needs of seniors who may find themselves unprepared for the challenge of the digital age. The Center will serve a diverse, disadvantaged, under-served, and underutilized community. The intent is to provide a resource through which community resident can become “technically advantaged” members of society. It is designed to both prevent community members from becoming furthered disadvantaged, and to supply a means for helping them overcome existing disadvantages.

Examples include:

  • Basic Computer Skills Training
  • Online Services
  • Navigating the Internet

Granny’s Place

Granny’s Place focal point is to assist in quality life enrichment, through resource management services, programs and workshops/seminars for the disenfranchised and disadvantaged older adults (55 or older), in the urban communities. Our goal is to “Preserve Our Foundation” at no cost to the targeted population.

Programs & Services:

  • Resource Referral Services
  • Support Services
  • Limited Legal Services
  • Educational Programs
  • Health and Fitness Clinics
  • Loss Prevention Workshops/Seminars
  • Financial Management Workshops/Seminars
  • Job Retraining
  • Counseling and Mentoring Parenting Skills for Older Adults
  • Navigating through E-Government on all levels. Assisting Seniors with electronic filing of government documents via the internet.