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Our Mission
The Story of Anointed To Serve

Mother LuLu Brown

“The Inspiration”

Anointed To Serve Ministries, Inc. was established by the late Mother Lulu Brown as a community outreach ministry designed to serve the interest of older adults striving to overcome poverty and social disadvantages in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The scope of the mission has broadened and the assignment has been passed on to the next generation. ATS Ministries is dedicated to the life and works of Mother Brown, affectionately known as “Granny” and will continue her legacy serving the less fortunate. Granny raised three generations of her family and had room enough to care for others. At all times, Granny’s house was a place of warmth, love and wisdom. She nurtured all that she came into contact with, whether young or old, black or white – Granny was there for all.

Granny governed her life according to the word of God and had faith so strong that it was unbreakable. In all ways, Granny was the model missionary. She had an in-house and outreach ministry that far exceeded an elderly women’s call to duty. Granny fed the hungry, gave money and clothes to the poor, nursed the sick and shut-in and prayed for all. She also encouraged everyone she came into contact with. At the age of 92, Granny was diagnosed with colon cancer and because of her age, things looked bad for her. During Granny’s stay in the hospital, she went around encouraging other patients and praying for them despite her illness. Granny always considered others even when she was experiencing difficulties in her own life.

Granny’s favorite scripture was Psalm 27. You could hear her reciting it at any given time. As she moved about the house, you could here her humming a combination of spiritually melodies. In the morning, Granny was the first person up, and the last to fall asleep at night. She would rise in the morning praising the Lord for allowing her to see another day, and go to sleep praying for the known and the unknown. Sometimes in the middle of the night, you could hear her putting in a special prayer request for someone. At the conclusion of her prayer, she would always say “have your way Lord.”

God was the priority in Granny’s life and if you were around her long enough, He became a priority in yours too. She loved the Lord and dedicated her life and her work to Him. Granny lived an exemplary life, which was known by all, and confirmed by a Bishop that attended her funeral. When asked to make remarks at Granny’s funeral, Bishop Mobley’s said: “Mother Brown has lived such an exemplary life, that in the 40 years that I knew her, I can’t even recall Mother Brown having a wrinkle in her dress”.

Now , Anointed To Serve Ministries will carry on Mother Lulu Brown’s divine assignment of Kingdom building for God. Under the guidance of the ministry’s advisory board, and the shared vision from the late Mother Brown and President Katrina Williams, Anointed To Serve Ministries is on the move. “Our mission and purpose is to help the disenfranchised and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities wherever God dispatches us to serve.”