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Anointed To Serve Ministries, Inc., is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status that seeks to serve disenfranchised and disadvantaged individuals within urban communities with support, educational and referral based services. Our primary focus is on improving the quality of life for seniors 55+ in low income urban communities.

The Concierge Concept

Our ongoing commitment is to assist in arranging services and providing a support network for senior in our community in much the same way as an apartment or hotel concierge takes care of services for tenants or guests. Our seniors often find themselves neglected, under-served and, too often, the victims of deceitful, unqualified, or predatory contractors or service providers. Our seniors also often lack access to rapidly changing technology and lack the skills necessary to make technology work to their advantage.

Our goal is to “Preserve Our Foundation” at no cost to the older adults, and yes, we will come to your location.

Our services include:

  • A Referral Service of pre-screened tradesmen and contractors so seniors on a limited budget can get affordable, high quality, home repairs and maintenance without having to deal with unscrupulous contractors or predatory lenders.
  • A range of Support Services to ensure seniors get help for their nutritional needs, home heating emergencies, utility and home ownership concerns.
  • Technology Training geared specifically to the needs of our older community members. We can help set up email accounts and provide basic training in the use of computers so seniors can use communication and productivity programs and use the Internet effectively and safely.
  • Limited Legal Assistance for basic services that do not require an attorney, for instance, help in writing a will, or understanding a rental or service contract.
  • Aiding seniors in getting Health and Fitness information and resources.
  • Financial Management advice. We provide help for seniors in setting up a workable budget that will allow them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle even as medical and energy costs continue to climb.
  • Job Retraining for those seniors who may need to learn new skills in order to remain working and contributing to the community.
  • Navigating through E-Government on all levels. Assisting Seniors with electronic filing of government documents via the internet.